Monday, February 11, 2013

It's been awhile....
like a really long while, kind of sad really, i have had my camera out I promise, maybe just not as much as I should have! Darn iphones are makin so that we don't wanna!! Well not really they are just so convenient!!!
Anyways I had the best day ever with Shauna and her momma and of course sweet little Levi! Even got a little peek at Aiden!!! ( i took his baby photos awhile back and its so hard to believe how much he's grown!)
I forgot how much I LOVE doing newborn shots, they are just so darn sweet and of course they get big so fast so it is amazing to capture those sweet little newborn moments....
Wanted to just share a few that make my heart melt...
Hope you enjoy your little peeks! Thanks again, you guys are amazing!!!


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